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NEWS Last modified on October 2, 2019

Plaza Premium Group opens flagship hotel at Beijing Daxing

China's new Beijing Daxing International Airport boasts its own in-terminal hotel, Aerotel, operated by the Plaza Premium Group.

Located in the Northeast pier of the new airport, the two-storey hotel has 215 guest rooms spread across 9,000sqm.
“We created Aerotel to take care of travellers needing a space to rest right at the terminal with no constraint on check-in time," says Song Hoi-see, founder and CEO of the Plaza Premium Group.

"Because of our uniqueness, inside four yeara we have established the brand’s footprint in Asia, the Middle East, South America and Europe.

“We welcome this precious opportunity to become an integral part of Beijing Daxing International Airport with our 20 years of experience in airport hospitality to make travel better for international travellers visiting the Capital.”
As the flagship property and a first for Aerotel, the hotel houses two meeting rooms –XijinHouse andJibeiHouse, and one VIP roomGujiHouse, all taking the ancient names of Daxing. 

Equipped with audio and visual system, the multi-functional facilities are the perfect venues for meetings, private dinners and intimate social gatherings with a capacity of up to 36 guests. 

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