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NEWS Last modified on November 5, 2019

New contract award for Hong Kong's 3RS expansion project

Hong Kong International Airport has awarded one of the world's leading geo-data specialist companies a land site investigation contract as part of its $18 billion (HK$141.5bn) Three-Runway System (3RS) expansion project.

Fugro will perform geotechnical drilling and cone penetration tests on newly reclaimed land, and provide laboratory testing to acquire geotechnical data for the new passenger building and related infrastructure.

The 3RS project comprises involves the construction of a third runway and associated taxiways, the third runway passenger building and an apron on 650 hectares of reclaimed land.

Upon completion of the 3RS, the airport will be capable of handling an additional 30 million passengers annually, ensuring that it will be equipped to handle up to 100 million passengers and nine million tonnes of cargo annually by 2030.

Fugro's work on the 3RS project since 2011 has helped airport operator, Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK), validate the first large-scale use in Hong Kong of a new, more environmentally friendly method of treating the seabed before the start of work to reclaim land from the sea.

Called ‘deep cement mixing’, the technique removes the need for dredging before reclamation to significantly reduce the impact on the marine environment and is one of many 'green' and sustainable design, construction and operational initiatives incorporated into the 3RS project.


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