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NEWS Last modified on December 16, 2019

Mace to play key role in upgrade of Iceland's Keflavik Airport

Icelandic airport operator, Isavia, has appointed international construction and consultancy company, Mace, as the programme manager for Keflavik International Airport's Major Development Plan (MDP).

Iceland’s gateway to the world handled close to ten million passengers last year and Isavia believes that it has the potential to become "the major North Atlantic hub for air traffic" if its facilities are upgraded.

The MDP is a multi-year terminal area development programme designed to provide additional passenger processing and aircraft parking capacity, along with passenger convenience and operational enhancements.
The current MDP, based on the Keflavik Airport Masterplan, includes the addition of a 85,000sqm, East Pier, a new North Terminal and other associated works, all of which will enable Keflavik Airport’s capacity to handle up to 14.5 million passengers annually.

Mace, which will work with Icelandic engineering specialists, Verkis, to oversee and deliver the MDP, reveals that it will ten years to complete.

According to Mace, in addition to enabling significant operational improvements, the MDP will realise a host of social and environmental benefits, including the creation of jobs for local people and a positive move towards becoming one of the world’s most sustainable airports.

Guðmundur Daði Rúnarsson, Isavia's technical and infrastructure director for Keflavik Airport, said: “Following an extensive and advanced procurement process we are certain that we have secured a great delivery partner for the upcoming development of Keflavik International Airport.
"After working on major airport related projects all over the world Mace brings experience and professionalism which is vital for successful delivery of complex airport projects. We look forward for a fruitful partnership for many years to come.”

While Jason Millett, chief operating officer for consultancy at Mace, noted: “I am delighted with our appointment to lead on the programme management of Keflavik Airport’s Major Development Plan; it’s a landmark win that serves as evidence of our ever-growing aviation offering.

"It allows us to be part of a truly transformative programme, where we can use our expertise from around the world to work with Isavia and create an airport that supports growth and opportunity across Iceland.” 


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