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NEWS Last modified on December 20, 2019

It's official – Moscow Sheremetyevo is a good place to work

Moscow–Sheremetyevo International Airport is listed among the best employers in Russia by Forbes magazine, which rated the airport number 33 among Russia's top 50.

The Forbes rating is based on a global survey of the corporate culture and practices of the largest Russian companies.

The survey encompassed 150 nominees and revealed that Russian companies are investing in benefits, working conditions and activities that make them attractive to workers and good places to work.
Around 3,000 people were polled on nine weighted areas: salary, working conditions, social package, internal corporate training, creation of new jobs by the company, infrastructure development in the cities of presence, brand recognition, concern for the environment and charity.

Sheremetyevo is one of the largest employers in Moscow and the region, employing more than 17,000 staff.

The airport is quick to point out that it has adopted a collective agreement regulating social and labour relations as well as a number of corporate policies affecting education and health care for employees and their families.
Medical services for employees are provided based on the system of mandatory and voluntary medical insurance paid by the company.

The services include screening, treatment and assistance at the best medical facilities of Russia. The airport also pays for annual recreation for employees and their children.

In addition, Sheremetyevo sponsors social programmes for staff and holds special environmental and educational events.


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