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NEWS Last modified on January 17, 2020

Jackson Hole to offset carbon emissions of staff travel to work

Jackson Hole Airport in Wyoming, USA, has committed to offsetting all employee commuter miles along with mileage from the gateway's operational vehicles.

As a result of the decision taken yesterday, all airport board member vehicle and employee commuting miles will now be carbon neutral by purchasing offsets through the Good Traveler Program.

The Good Traveler Program sets the rate of $2 per 400 miles driven and monies go directly to certified projects through the Rocky Mountain Institute. The Board will continue to encourage ride sharing and carpooling as well.

Jackson Hole Airport’s operational vehicles, including all snow removal equipment, are part of this effort.

The airport's vehicles have been recognised as a 'Green Fleet; by Yellowstone-Teton Clean Cities, and this next step will bring all vehicles to a net-zero for carbon emissions.

Jackson Hole Airport Board’s Grand Teton National Park/Environmental Committee supported this purchase, recognizsng that these steps are essential to reaching their ultimate goal of having a net-zero Airport.

“Environmental best practices are central to our Board decisions," says the airport's executive director, Jim Elwood.

"We are pleased to be able to support these carbon-neutral initiatives. Through the Good Traveler Program, we will be reaching out to other businesses and organizations in 2020 to provide a path to offset their travel and be a sustainable leader in our community."

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