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NEWS Last modified on February 6, 2020

Stockholm Arlanda expands its hotel offering

Stockholm Arlanda has opened a new hotel, the 500-room Comfort Hotel Arlanda Airport, within a few minutes' walk of its terminals.

Operator, Swedavia, notes that the new hotel boasts BREAM certification in line with its desire for it to built and operate to a high enviromental standard.

Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport, Radisson Blu Airport Terminal Hotel and Rest and Fly Arlanda are some of the hotels already established close to the airport’s terminals at Stockholm Arlanda.
Stiockholm Arlanda pax
With the newly opened Comfort Hotel Arlanda Airport, which is one of the biggest airport hotels in the Nordic region, Swedavia claims that it has taken another major step in developing the airport’s hotel capacity, which has grown to around 1,250 rooms with the addition of Comfort Hotel.

“We are very proud to be able to present a brand-new meeting place at Stockholm Arlanda – Comfort Hotel Arlanda Airport," enthuses Swedavia president and CEO, Jonas Abrahamsson.

"We have long seen increased demand for hotel rooms close to the terminals and can now offer our passengers and visitors an even wider range of options.

"The new hotel is also an important part of Swedavia’s strategy to develop an airport city at and around Stockholm Arlanda Airport."
Stockholm Arlanda sky city
The new hotel was developed by Swedavia Real Estate and will be operated by Nordic Choice Hotels under its Comfort brand, a hotel concept in the affordable luxury segment aimed primarily at leisure travellers and families.

The building will be certified in compliance with BREEAM international certification standards at the level 'Very Good'.

Swedavia’s sale of the property was carried out in 2017, when the hotel was under construction, at an underlying value of more than 1.3 billion Swedish kronor.

The capital gain will be reported for the first quarter of 2020.
Arlanda light
Comfort Hotel Arlanda Airport is located in the heart of the growing airport city, right next to Stockholm Arlanda’s terminals and SkyCity.

In the same district is the new Office One complex, and preparations are also under way here for conference facilities of the highest European calibre close to the terminals.

More buildings and hotels are in the planning stage, as part of the development to make Stockholm Arlanda Airport the leading airport in the Nordic region.



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