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NEWS Last modified on July 22, 2010

New benchmarking study

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham, Oslo, Geneva, Hong Kong and Seoul–Gimpo are among the world’s most operationally efficient and best managed gateways, according to the Air Transport Research Society’s latest Global Airport Benchmarking report.

Based on operating/management efficient, the report claims that Atlanta is the top large airport (15mppa+) in North America and the world.

Raleigh-Durham receives the accolade for the small/medium size category (Under 15mppa) in North America while the honours in Europe go to Oslo (15mppa+) and Geneva (Under 15mppa) based on 2008 passenger statistics.

In the Asia-Pacific region, Hong Kong was the top performer in the large airport category and Seoul–Gimpo for the medium/small airport ranking.

Air Transport Research Society (ATRS), a leading academic society in air transport field, measures and compares the operating/managerial efficiency and cost competitiveness of 142 airports and 16 airport groups in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

“This airport benchmarking report provides a comprehensive and unbiased evaluation of airport performance around the globe,” says Professor Tae Oum of the Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia and ATRS president.

According to the report, diversification of airport’s revenue sources is increasingly important not only for the financial health but also for efficient management and operation of today’s airports.

“Airports with a larger share of non-aeronautical revenue including commercial revenue achieve higher efficiency and thus, able to offer lower fees to airlines for aircraft landings,” says Oum, who cites parking, office rentals, retail activity and real estate development as some of the areas.

For more information about the report visit www.atrsworld.org.

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