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NEWS Last modified on July 30, 2010

Denver on the right track

Denver International Airport (DEN) has released plans for a $650 million redevelopment of..

Denver International Airport (DEN) has released plans for a $650 million redevelopment of its South Terminal that includes a new train station connecting the airport to downtown Denver for the first time, a rail bridge and retail plaza.

Phase I of the project also includes the construction of a 500-room hotel and conference centre connected to Jeppesen Terminal and is estimated to be completed by 2016.

Phase II, if completed, includes a new parking structure and renovations to the Jeppesen Terminal Great Hall and will cost an additional $250 million, bringing the total project cost to $900 million.

“Denver International Airport is one of the most envied facilities in the industry,” says Denver manager of aviation Kim Day.

“With the addition of the rail connection to our city core and the terminal hotel, we will truly be competitive with major international airports worldwide. The design complements the existing iconic architecture and provides an enhanced passenger experience while improving the connectivity for passengers and employees alike,” she adds.

Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, whose previous works include Lyon Airport’s TGV rail station and Zürich Stadelhofen station, conceived designs for the redevelopment, while US-based Gensler drew up plans for the new hotel.

The project will primarily be financed with General Airport Revenue Bonds (GARBs), which will be repaid from airport revenues, while the train station will form part of the RTD East Corridor, a commuter line linking the City of Denver with the airport.

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