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NEWS Last modified on August 11, 2010

Detroit traffic up

Passenger traffic at Detroit Metropolitan Airport jumped 5% in June 2010 when...

Passenger traffic at Detroit Metropolitan Airport jumped 5% in June 2010 when compared to June 2009 according to data released today by the Wayne County Airport Authority’s (WCAA) Division of Financial Planning and Analysis.

Leading the way were international passengers with an increase of 27.3% over the previous June.

“While other carriers have also made gains, Delta’s new long-haul service to Hong Kong, Seoul and Honolulu, which began in June, as well as expanded service to Shanghai are primarily driving these numbers,” says Genelle Allen, WCAA Interim CEO.

The strong June showing of 2.9 million total passengers pulled year-to-date numbers for the first half of 2010 to within 1% of last year’s first half.

“Growth in passenger traffic at Detroit Metropolitan Airport for two consecutive months is good economic news,” enthuses Wayne County executive, Robert Ficano. “Even more encouraging is the dramatic increase in international traffic as our region seeks to continue expanding its strengths in the global marketplace.”

Cargo by weight grew 33.9% in June and 16.2% for the first half of 2010. Aircraft landings and take-offs showed a 6.5% increase for June and a 1.2% increase year-to-date.

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