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Norwegian air navigation service provider, Avinor AS, has selected Sensis Corporation’s...

Norwegian air navigation service provider, Avinor AS, has selected Sensis Corporation’s multilateration and VeeLo NextGen vehicle locators for Bergen Airport.

The Sensis deployment at Bergen will provide surveillance of the runways, taxiways and stand areas along with the location of vehicles operating on the surface, enabling air traffic controllers at Norway’s second busiest airport to enhance the safety and efficiency of the airport in all weather conditions.

“Sensis’ proven track record of successful surface multilateration systems operating at major airports was a leading factor in selecting their solution for Bergen,” says Per Ingar Skaar, director of ATM/CNS Systems for Avinor.

“The system will provide our controllers with the precise location and identification of aircraft and vehicles on the surface to reduce incursions and increase efficiency in all weather conditions.”

VeeLo NextGen is a small, lightweight device in a rugged, weather-resistant enclosure that is attached to the exterior of an airport vehicle to provide air traffic controllers with situational awareness of vehicles operating on the airport surface.

The vehicle locator attains its position from a Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS)-enabled Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver and broadcasts its location and identity using the Mode S Extended Squitter ADS-B message format.

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