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Seventh heaven

There is simply no stopping Incheon, which has been voted the world’s best airport in ACI’s Airport Service Quality (ASQ) survey for the seventh year running.

There is simply no stopping Incheon, which has been voted the world’s best airport in ACI’s Airport Service Quality (ASQ) survey for the seventh year running.

Passengers quizzed in the annual customer satisfaction also once again decided that the South Korean gateway was the top airport in Asia-Pacific and 25-40mppa categories.

Incheon International Airport’s CEO, CW Lee, told Airport World: “I am ecstatic. To be named best airport in the world for the seventh successive year is really an unbelievable achievement. Now we strive for eight.”

He believes that the secret of Incheon’s success is down to all sectors of the airport ‘family’ working together to ensure a memorable customer service experience for passengers, the speed and ease of use of the gateway’s facilities and its unique cultural offerings that include over 5,000 special events per year.

ACI director general, Angela Gittens, announced Incheon’s ASQ victory during today’s opening session of the 2012 Trinity Forum in Seoul.

Speaking at the event, Gittens remarked: “You don’t win Best Airport Worldwide for seven years running by standing still and doing the same things over and over again. Incheon has improved year-on-year, and it has had to because global customer satisfaction levels have increased by 7% over the last few years as other airports have chased the best.”

In terms of the other ASQ results, it was very much a case of status quo in 2011 with many airports holding onto their customer service crowns. They included Malta (Europe; Cape Town (Africa; Cancún (Latin America & Caribbean; Dubai (Middle East; Seoul Gimpo (15-25mppa; and Quebec City in the North American category for airports handling less than 2mppa.

New winners included Singapore Changi (Over 40mppa; Nagoya (5-15mppa; Guayaquil (2-5mppa; Ottawa (North America; and Keflavik, Upington and Mazatlan the Europe, Africa and Latin America & Caribbean categories for airports handling less than 2mppa.

Finally, Chongqing (Asia-Pacific; East London (Africa; Palma de Mallorca (Europe; Guayaquil (Latin America & Caribbean), Montréal (North America) and Dubai (Middle) picked up awards for showing the biggest improvement in ASQ satisfaction in their regions.

Added Gittens: "For Incheon to dominate for seven successive years is testament to the degree to which customer service is intrinsically linked to their business strategy. 

"What we are seeing across the globe is growing recognition among airport managers of the importance of quality customer service across the entire airport experience. 

"In an era of increasing competition for passenger traffic, delivering consistent high levels of customer service can drive passenger loyalty and positively impact on airport revenues."

All conquering Incheon reported a record breaking $1.53 billion in duty free sales in 2011. 

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