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WBP NEWS Last modified on November 11, 2010

New baggage handling system for Port Columbus

Jervis B Webb is to design, manufacture, and install a new inline baggage handling system at Port Columbus International Airport.

The new system will automate the baggage screening process and eliminate the need for passengers to walk their checked bags to Explosive Detection System (EDS) machines that are currently located in the airport ticket lobby.

With the new system, the screening process will take place behind-the-scenes in a newly constructed building. It will automatically transport checked bags from ticket counters through TSA screening, then onward to the baggage makeup room, where Webb’s system will sort the bags to their destinations based on bar-coded baggage tags.

“Our baggage handling systems are helping improve travel at more than 50 airports around the world. We look forward to providing a state-of-the-art baggage handling system that will make travel easier for passengers at Port Columbus,” says Kenneth Hamel, Webb’s Sr. Vice President of Airport Systems.

The project is scheduled for completion November 2011.

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