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WBP NEWS Last modified on July 16, 2013

Zagreb Airports enhances its aircraft noise monitoring system

Zagreb International Airport has upgraded its existing noise monitoring system to include flight tracks and emissions monitoring.

Whilst Croatia's capital city gateway is not obliged by current legislation to have a permanent noise monitoring system, it wished to provide greater visibility of its compliance with regulations. 

Public disclosure of the airport's impact on the community also helps to open a dialogue and build greater acceptance between airport and neighbours.

The airport chose Brüel and Kjær's turnkey NoiseDesk and AirTrak solutions to enhance its noise monitorig system.

Zagreb Airport's qualigty manager, Zdenko Malenica, said: "The easy to use solutions provided by Brüel and Kjær give us state of the art noise monitoring, track compliance monitoring and carbon emissions assessment without the need for specialist staff.

"NoiseDesk alerts us to any issues when they need addressing which frees our staff to concentrate on other aspects of their jobs"

The new system is now active and will provide continuous monitoring of noise and track compliance at Zagreb Airport and also supports on-going INM modelling.

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