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WBP NEWS Last modified on November 27, 2013

New baggage handling systems at Luis Munoz Marin International

Baggage handling systems at Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport in Peurto Rico will be upgraded.

Vanderlande Industries has been awarded the US$18.6 million contract to design and build the new system, from airport operator Aerostar Airport Holdings LLC.

The new systems are to be installed in Terminals B and C, and will cover a total length of approximately 6,200 linear feet.

A scheduled completion date for both new baggage handling systems has been planned for November 2014.

Vanderlande has also played an integral role in assisting Aerostar with developing and implementing their interim plan, to move airlines into Terminal D.

Agustín Arellano, chief executive officer of Aerostar, says: “We are pleased to have Vanderlande Industries on board as part of our team.

“They will be in charge of the design and build of the baggage handling system in order to provide better and modern services to our passengers.”

The project is part of operator Aerostar’s $1.4 billion 40-year investment enhancement programme at Luis Muñoz Marin.

Since winning the operating contract in February 2013, Aerostar has vowed to increase aviation services, modernise its infrastructure and expand the airport’s number of flights and destinations.

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