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WBP NEWS Last modified on December 5, 2013

Advertising space at Rome's two airports to be transformed

Aeroporti di Roma (ADR) has begun a partnership with Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO) who will exclusively operate airport advertising space in Rome’s two airports.

As part of the project, CCO will transform advertising space at both Rome Fiumicino, and Rome Ciampino airports.

ADR has recently changed its advertising business model to more efficiently meet the changing needs of the advertising market and clients who invest in airport advertising assets.

The partnership involves an ambitious project that will see an innovative transformation of both airports’ advertising assets.

They will be seen by the 41 million passengers who travel through the Italian capital every year.

This includes adopting new technologies and installing state of the art digital panels, which ADR has provided significant investment for.

The new digital network will enhance the airports’ commercial offering, enabling brands to engage more powerfully with passengers in the time before their flight is called and when they land at their destination.

Chief executive officer of ADR, Lorenzo Lo Presti, says: “This commercial partnership with Clear Channel Outdoor – one of the most recognised and respected operators in the global advertising market – is providing us with the opportunity to implement decisive digital redevelopment of the existing advertising programme, to equip the two airports with innovative channels.”

CCO is an out-of-home advertising and an expert in the airport sector, operating at 260 airports worldwide.

Jonathan Bevan, CCO president Europe and Australia/New Zealand, says: “We are delighted to have been awarded this exclusive out-of-home advertising contract for Rome’s airports, and to have become the leading provider of airport advertising opportunities in Italy.”

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