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WBP NEWS Last modified on January 21, 2014

Virtual assistants called 'Louise' to be installed at London Heathrow

Travellers to Terminal 4 at London Heathrow will now have virtual assistants (VA) called ‘Louise’ to help speed up their security checks.

The Tensator VA’s use cutting-edge technology to project an image and create the illusion of a real person and one has been installed in the terminal's check-in area and the other in the security area.

‘Louise’ wears a full Heathrow security uniform, and is stationed at check-in and security and informs passengers about acceptable liquids and other security processes.

Their installation follows a successful trial at Heathrow, which resulted in a reduction in bag rejections at security and fewer delays for passengers.

They are part of the airport’s check in and security process and are intended to engage passengers with consistent and clear communications.

Colin Sherwood, airport specialist at Tensator, says: “Bags were being rejected at search areas because of non-compliant liquids. The VA helps make passengers aware of what they can take through security.

“Faster through-times at check-in means less stress for passengers who can now progress to duty-free and relax at the beginning of their journey.”

Tensator says Heathrow is considering adding two more of the VA’s sometime in 2014.

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