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WBP NEWS Last modified on January 27, 2014

Nepal's main hub to have air traffic control system upgraded

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal is to modernise Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) in Kathmandu.

Japanese firm NEC Corporation has been selected to carry out a one billion yen (€7 million) upgrade of the air traffic control and surveillance radar at the Asian country’s main airport.

TIA plays an essential role for Nepal as it is the only international airport in the Asian country and is also a major hub for domestic flights, which is key in the heavily mountainous region.

In order to accommodate the rapidly rising number of passenger flights in Nepal, Official Development Assistance (ODA) from Japan is being used to update airport equipment, such as aging surveillance radars and data processing systems.

By March 2015, NEC is scheduled to provide an air traffic control radar system, a secondary surveillance radar receives detailed operating information from aircraft and a multi-sensor information processing system that utIlises information received from radars.

This is being installed to improve the reliability and efficiency of air traffic control services in Nepal, while helping to ensure smooth and secure airport operations.

TIA is located at an altitude of 1,338 metres and in 2012, 4.5 million passengers passed through the departure and arrivals gates.

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