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WBP NEWS Last modified on March 6, 2014

Baggage system in Terminal 5 at Stockholm-Arlanda to be upgraded

The baggage handling system in Terminal 5 at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport is to be upgraded to help meet rising passenger demand.

Crisplant - part of the BEUMER Group has been awarded a contract by operator Swedavia, to extend the tilt-tray sorter and upgrade the control systems in Terminal 5.

Crisplant will also integrate standard two screening into the baggage handling system, which will become mandatory in September 2014.

The upgrade is part of Stockholm-Arlanda’s strategy to meet demands from an increase in passenger numbers, which reached a record 20.7 million in 2013.

The new system will be carried out while the baggage handling system continues to operate normally, meaning no disruption to passengers or flights.

Swedavia’s Bengt Persson, head of baggage handling system at Stockholm-Arlanda, says: “This type of upgrade places huge demands on the airport and our supplier to guarantee uninterrupted availability of the baggage handling system, which is why we work in close co-operation with Crisplant to plan the extension around our normal daily operation.”

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