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WBP NEWS Last modified on April 25, 2014

Baggage system to be upgraded at Mexico City International

Mexico City International Airport’s Terminal 2 is to have its baggage system upgraded to cope with the rising number of bags.

BEUMER de México has been awarded the contract to supply equipment at Mexico’s busiest gateway.

Passenger numbers have been growing at Mexico City International Airport, and the effects are particularly noticeable in Terminal 2.

The capacity of the existing baggage handling and screening system is being stretched, causing frequent die-back on the conveyor lines between the screening machines.

A solution to the problem was identified by BEUMER de México, which specified a new buffer system, with a capacity for holding more bags between the screening machines to allow baggage recirculation and extra system flexibility for baggage sortation.

The airport’s Terminal 2 needs baggage recirculation because the current baggage system employs only one main line to dispatch bags to nine screening machines.

A BEUMER de México spokesman, says without the ability to recirculate bags there is a high risk of bottlenecks in the system.

Once the improvements have been completed, the baggage handling system capacity will double from the current 1,800 bags/hour to 3,600 bags/hour.

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