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WBP NEWS Last modified on June 18, 2014

New retail revenue boosting IT system for Princess Juliana International Airport

Princess Juliana International Airport on the Caribbean Island of St Maarten has become the latest gateway to install a new IT system designed to help it better manage, maximise and boost non-aeronautical revenues.

The desire to increase its non-aeronautical revenues was the driving force behind its decision to utilise the software solution by Concessionaire Analyzer+ (CA+), which automates the collection of sales data from concessions, enabling analysis of sales patterns and the delivery of business intelligence.

The combination of sales data with passenger numbers extracted from the airport’s data systems will also allow Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) to compare revenue per passenger by product category, concession, date, terminal, zone and a wide range of other useful metrics.

And, if necessary, this insight will allow SXM to adjust its retail mix to better reflect demand and improve negotiations with concessions and airlines.

“Through the implementation of CA+, our commercial team will be able to closely monitor sales patterns, identify category performance, benchmark concessions and more quickly identify trends in order to ultimately improve our non-aeronautical revenues as a percentage of total revenues,” says SXM’s managing director, Regina LaBega.

“We will also be able to better control our operations.”

John de Giorgio, CEO of Concessionaire Analyzer+, asays: “CA+ is gaining ground in airports of all scales and across all geographies with some smaller airports implementing the solution as well as some of the largest airports in the world.”

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