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WBP NEWS Last modified on August 5, 2014

Cardiff Airport to have baggage system upgraded

A long-term partnership that will see significant improvements to the baggage handling system at Cardiff Airport has been agreed between the gateway and Vanderlande Industries UK Ltd.

The five-year plan, uses the firm’s experience in providing tailored systems to airports of all sizes, comprises eight projects, including a renewal of the system’s parts that require replacement.

Along with a belt replacement programme and a five-year maintenance contract that includes a spares consignment arrangement, the work will improve the reliability of Cardiff Airport’s baggage handling system and utilise its existing capabilities and capacities.

Vanderlande says the maintenance deal will also aim to help the Welsh gateway to achieve a more proactive approach to extend the life expectancy of the system.

Work is set to begin this winter with the installation of two make-up carousels, one of which will be installed to allow access for the HBS Standard 3 machine.

This will be a fundamental step to prepare the airport for the upcoming project, which will involve installation and integration of a HBS standard 3 machine with the existing baggage system.

Along with the maintenance contract, long-term partnership with Vanderlande will take the airport beyond HBS Standard 3 installation, for which legislation is coming into force in September 2018.

Debra Barber, operations director at Cardiff Airport, says: “Vanderlande was able to develop a proposal that specifically addressed our needs and goals over the next five years.

“It is also very important to us that Vanderlande is able to carry out all the projects in a live environment whilst minimising disruption to airport operations.”

The work is being carried out in a live environment and will consider minimising disruption to the airport operations and passenger experience, and during this time, Vanderlande will be working closely with the gateway to provide support for contingency measures.

Gary McWilliam, Vanderlande’s head of UK business development, explains: “We see this agreement with Cardiff Airport as an opportunity to expand our contribution to the overall improvement of UK regional airports and their passengers’ experience.”

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