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WBP NEWS Last modified on September 9, 2014

Crisplant installs baggage handling system at Hamad International

Crisplant has installed a high-speed baggage handling system at the state-of-the-art and recently opened Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar.

The gateway charged the firm, which is part of the Beumer Group, to achieve its goal of exceptional baggage handling, with the shortest possible connection times between flights and no lost baggage.

Crisplant says it has supplied the airport with a high-speed solution with the capacity to sort 19,500 bags per hour.

The system will handle baggage for an initial 24 million passengers per year, expected to rise to 50 million per year when the airport is fully operational, and requires a specially designed system.

Crisplant explains that the system is fully redundant, having two tilt-tray sorting systems with a total of 28 inductions, 172 chutes and 22 make-up carousels.

It says to further streamline the transfer bag process, there are 1,750 fully automated early bag storage positions located below sorter system loops for efficient and timely release and make-up based on flight or time slots.

In addition to the baggage handling system having a high capacity, Crisplant adds it has the world’s largest plug-and-play integrated hybrid RFID-barcode scanning system.

Crisplant’s customer support team will remain on-site to maintain the baggage handling system as part of a five-year service and maintenance contract to ensure optimum performance.

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