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Monday, 10 March 2014 14:32


In the spotlight: Branding
Airports: Moscow Vnukovo 
Special report: Security screening 
Plus: Airport design, People & UK capacity crunch

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Editor, Joe Bates, reflects on a busy start to 2014 and the growing importance of an airport brand.


Most industries traditionally enjoy quiet starts to the New Year; not so aviation, which has seen a host of airports celebrate development milestones in the opening months of 2014.


They include the opening of a state-of-the-art new terminal in Mumbai, the inauguration of Boarding Area E in San Francisco’s Terminal 3 and, the signing of an agreement to potentially build a fourth airport in Moscow.


Elsewhere, Zagreb and Shanghai Pudong have unveiled spectacular development plans of their own. Abu Dhabi has celebrated the first construction milestone in its multi-billion dollar Midfield Terminal Building project, and MAHB has confirmed that Kuala Lumpur’s dedicated low-cost carrier terminal, klia2, will open in May.


February also saw the announcement of the 2013 winners of ACI’s Airport Service Quality (ASQ) customer satisfaction survey, and the addition of a few new names to the annual roll of honour.


Congratulations go to Abu Dhabi, Amman, Cape Town, Changchun, East London, Gimpo, Gothenburg, Guayaquil, Haikou, Incheon, Indianapolis, Kolkata, Langkawi, Mazatlán, Moscow-Sheremetyevo, Nassau, Quebec, San Antonio, Singapore Changi, Skopje and Upington for picking up the top prizes this time around.


You can read more about the 2013 ASQ awards, as well as airport reaction to the results, in a special report inside this issue. 


Apart from the commitment to delivering top quality customer service, one thing linking many of the winners is the development of a strong airport ‘brand’.


Indeed, as you will discover in this ‘brands’ themed issue, many marketing and brand experts believe that some of the winners have the strongest airport brands on the planet, while other top performing gateways use the ASQ programme to help develop and strengthen theirs.


Still not convinced about the importance of brands and branding in the airport environment? Take a look at our article on retail/F&B branding; read the views of Dufry CEO, Julián Díaz; and, discover how the Vantage Airport Group has created a totally new brand to reflect its evolution from Vancouver Airport Services.


We also talk to Joseph Folz who tells us why one of the most famous motor manufacturing brands in the world, Porsche, has purposely located its US headquarters on the doorstep of the world’s busiest airport – Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta.


But it is not all about brands, as elsewhere in this issue we have articles about airport terminal design; the UK’s capacity crunch; the environment; smart security solutions; human resources/people power; and Moscow Vnukovo.


Finally, the unfortunate postponement of February’s Trinity Forum in Bangkok due to events beyond the control of ACI, means that the upcoming Airport Economics & Finance Conference in London will be the industry’s first major event of the year.


It promises to be bigger and better than ever before, and I look forward to seeing you there.



In this issue:







ASQ Winners 2013


ACI News


View from the top
Director general, Angela Gittens, reflects on the power of branding and ACI’s efforts to assist airports in improving their performance.


Family affair
How can Moscow’s Vnukovo International Airport compete against the giants on its doorstep – Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo? Justin Burns investigates.


Adding value
Why do airports need a brand? George Karamanos considers the importance of branding and the impact it can have on a gateway’s image.



The next step
Building a stronger brand can help develop a world-class airport, writes Interbrand Cologne’s managing director, Nina Oswald.


Everybody wins
Benet Wilson talks to a handful of airports that have used ACI’s Airport Service Quality survey to enhance the passenger experience and strengthen their brand.


Food for thought
Kevin Brocklebank discusses some of the key branding challenges facing operators of airport shops and restaurants.


Open all hours
Julián Díaz, CEO of Dufry, discusses the company’s brand, market presence and customer service commitments. 


Brand evolution
Airport World discovers that the Vantage Airport Group rebrand capitalises on the global view of Vancouver International Airport’s investment partner.



Battle of Britain
What next for the UK in terms of airport expansion? Martha Grekos provides a progress report on the work of the Airports Commission and the possible options open to the government.


People matters
Our new feature on human resources/leadership.


Airport Marketing Exchange
Today’s airport business and the modern multi-channel environment that we live in allow airports to collaborate effectively with passengers and potential passengers on brand strategies.



Bigger, the better?
Richard Gammon explores what effect terminal size can have on passenger experience, operational efficiency and commercial effectiveness while giving us a glimpse into what the terminal of tomorrow might bring.


Screen test
Rapiscan’s Frederic Brouiller considers whether passenger screening can ever be passenger friendly.


Smart security
Airports looking for ‘smarter’ solutions for the security checkpoint will use connecting data as a key enabler, writes Nick Whitehead.


ACI’s World Business Partners
Project watch Helsinki Airport.


Environment news



The last word
Porsche Cars North America’s Joseph Folz talks about brands, his favourite gateways and the company’s links with Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.


Traffic data



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